Sunday, September 12, 2010

i can never decide.

i can never decide. my mind changes all the time, no matter what. do i want chocolate or vanilla? do i want to wear these jeans or this skirt? i can never fully decide, because my brain is so scattered. i like so many different things i could never sit down and pick my absolute favorite. my favorites change every single day. sometimes i dress preppy or in all black. sometimes i blast bob dylan sometimes rap. sometimes i forget grammar while others i'm a complete freak about it. i'll be organized and calm one minute, a chaotic mess the next. i'm private one moment, telling my secrets to a stranger the next. i'm full of contradictions. i hate smokers, i smoke the next minute. i like silver but now i want gold. being rich doesn't matter, but i want to have money. i want to be smart and study, but at the same time i want to blow it all off. i have to pass this test, but do i care that much about tests? sometimes i wish i could just like one genre of movies, one type of music, one style of clothing, because i feel so cliche saying "I like everything" but it is (almost) true. and besides if i only like one style of everything, life would be rather dull.


  1. beautiful girls on the picture...

  2. thank you for visiting my blog. Your blogspot is nice (and my english probably catastrophic ahahah)



  3. haha i so relate to this the exact same ..true though makes things more exciting!